HPV & LBC Screening

Cervical cancer ranks as the most frequent cause of cancer related deaths among women in India1. Cervical cancer often does not cause symptoms until it has reached an advanced stage. Therefore it is very important to start early screening of women, even when one is healthy.

American College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists recommend that for cervical cytology, if a women is 30 years or older, HPV test should be carried out along with Pap Smear examination. We have the latest technology, Multiplex PCR along with automated extraction of DNA to simultaneously detect the presence of 19 high risk and 9 low risk genotypes of HPV.

Multiplex PCR is by far the most sensitive and specific technology currently available to simultaneously detect infection by one or more HPV. When combined with LBC, no additional sample is required with the complete report being available the next day (as both tests are carried out in UAE) rapid initiation of preventive and corrective measures.