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Cholesterol, , HDL,Complete , Blood , Counts

(CBC),Cholesterol, , LDL , (Direct),Thyroid , Stimulating


Complete , Blood , Counts; , Erythrocyte

Sedimentation , Rate , (ESR); , Anti


Complete , Blood , Counts , (CBC),Vitamin

D, , 25 , Hydroxy , (25-OH),

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STAR Metropolis is a Advanced Medical diagnostic Laboratory established in UAE since 2006, to cater to whole of MENA Region. STAR Metropolis aims at providing most reliable and accurate laboratory services coupled with latest technology and knowledge including logistics management.

The objective is always uncompromised quality and value to benefit physician community to assist in their day to day clinical decisions. After establishing itself in UAE, It is poised to spread its services and activities to other GCC, rest of Arabia and African countries.

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What Our Customers Say

We’re satisfying our customers every day since 2006

Had difficulties taking ancestry test because I’m not local yet the staff was rly helpful of my situation amazing staff members thanks to Jyoti for staying all night to help with my sample 🙏🏼🙏🏼

Ibrahim Essa

I had never experienced a medical laboratory Like SMCL in UAE. You people are very instantly and accurately doing what, the clients need for. may God bless you all...and wish you all the success.

Musthak Kunnathodi

Very professional and prompt service , they even sent me an urgent report of my test even when it was going to close in 15 minutes, and I got the report 2 hours after their closing time. Have been here 3 times in last 2years. Never disappointed

Dinesh Moolrajani

Good efficient professional pathology laboratory.

Sunil Abichandani

Last 4 years we are regular customers. Fully satisfied. Will recommend SMCL

JOAN Playz

Insurance Partners